Case Studies*

What do our students need?

Normalize talking


Develop Skills

Don’t stigmatize feelings.

Jocelyn has been on the leadership team for a club you advise for almost a year. She always seems happy and chats with you about what’s going on in her life. Her paperwork is submitted on time and she is well liked by her team. Lately though, she has seemed a little sad when you’ve seen her. After a team meeting, she stays behind and tells you that she is “so sad.” What does Jocelyn need?

A break might be best.

After admitting to his teacher that he was feeling really overwhelmed and depressed, Marco decided that he wanted to see a counselor at the campus wellness center to talk more in depth about what he was going through. While he was going to counseling regularly and trying to take care of himself, he missed a number of assignment and exam deadlines. He wants to do well in school but feels frustrated and still overwhelmed. What does Marco need?

Managing change is hard.

Marie and Helen are first year students and roommates. They have similar classes and interests. Marie is finding adapting to college a little difficult and decides to drop by the wellness center. After all, she was able to see her counselor in high school whenever she wanted. She is told she must make an appointment. Frustrated and upset, she goes back to her room. Helen says “I heard you have to wait 2 months for an appointment.” What does Marie need? What does Helen need?

*None of these case studies have one answer, nor are they meant to be a one-size-fits all answer for every problem facing our students. They are meant to encourage discussion, thought, analysis and learning.

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